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World of Warcraft TCG ‘Fires of Outland’ Expansion Set

Release Date: August, 2007

Here's a few hi-lites on the upcoming 3rd booster release for World of Warcraft CCG: Fires of Outland, releasing in late August.

This set contains 18 new hero cards, bringing additional combinations and deck options to customers.

All new UDE Points program. Instead of the “Ninjas vs Pirates” game that is currently on the UDE Points cards, there will be a totally new WOW-based card. This revamp will add tons of value to these already valuable bonus cards. Instead of just redeeming them online, customers will be able to ALSO redeem certain combinations of these cards at OP events for exclusive promo cards. This will be done in a way that mimics the online game’s professions (blacksmithing, leatherworking, tailoring, etc.). Essentially, we’ll tell our customers “recipes” for promo cards, and they’ll hunt down those specific UDE points cards to get them. This provides another level of collectability to our product and makes it mimic the online game closer. This is a 100% upgrade. The cards still function the same way they used to, but we added another layer with more chances for prizes. I forgetting something ? ......Loot !

Contains three NEW Loot cards. Additionally, the Loot cards are now FOIL and contain an alternate design! This will make them stand out even more as desirable and flashy cards. as you can see above, these are the three loot cards releasing with this set.

The first one, Goblin Gumbo, allows your character to occasionally burp outlandish gas on your friends !

The second one, Fishing Chair, lets you relax under your own personal umbrella while you fish for those big lunkers that add powerful attributes to your character when cooked! Players will love this!

The third one......the third one...well this one just absolutely kicks gigantic ass !

The Spectral Tiger Mount ! No need to comment on this one....absolute coolness factor! After the opening of the Dark Portal, the battle rages on and Upper Deck Entertainment Introduces….

World of Warcraft "Fires of Outland™" Booster Packs

Rush to war as the conflict is joined in Outland! The armies of Azeroth lay siege to the mysterious world, while the Burning Legion throws its might against the Stair of Destiny.

Prestige and glory await those who are bold enough to join the fray. Let your battle cry be heard as echoes of war engulf the blood-soaked world.

Heed the call!

Fires of Outland™ is the third set in the World of Warcraft® Trading Card Game, which is based upon the award-winning massively multiplayer online role playing game, World of Warcraft®.

Key Features:
· Uniquely coded rare Loot™ cards feature cosmetic upgrades for your World of Warcraft online character. New Burning Crusade content now available!
· Collect UDE Points cards with unique codes in every pack of the World of Warcraft® TCG. Enter those codes on your online account and earn special TCG cards, promotional materials, and distinct cosmetic upgrades for your online World of Warcraft® character!
· Play as your favorite class and race, including the new Draenei and Blood Elf races, and experience all the depth of World of Warcraft® in a TCG!
· Compete in Darkmoon Faire and other robust World of Warcraft® TCG Organized Play programs and win amazing prizes

· 15 game cards & 1 UDE Points card per pack
· 24 packs per display
· 12 displays per case.

Arrival date: August 2007

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