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Shot Not Taken : ig4mer
Betrayal of the Guardian WoW TCG Pack Break and A Budget ...
I have to admit I have been playing Hearthstone a lot the last two months or so. It is a wildly addictive card game and the interface is quite polished, compared to say MTGO. Hearthstone of course is the World of Warcraft TCG ...

Cold's Gold Factory - World of Warcraft Auction House & Gold Tips : Scott Smith
Guide To Booster Pack Gambling For WoW TCG Loot - Cold's Gold ...
As a World of Warcraft blogger, I learned one thing early on: Warcraft players love their WoW Trading Card Game Loot! Many players are willing to buy multiple booster packs and cases of WoW TCG boosters just for a chance ... Forums : HellTaxi
Art: WoW TCG art
Hey everyone! Just thought Id share some of the work I did for the World of Warcraft TCG. I had a good time doing these, you can never go wrong with zombies and werewolves! Ill be sure to post more as theyre released.

World of Warcraft® : Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft Trading Card Game - World of Warcraft -
Set 21 represents something else as well: it's the climactic last set for the WoW TCG. We are grateful for being able to collaborate with the artists and everyone else who helped make this game a reality all these years. We're ... Forums : Ben_Olson
Art: World of Warcraft TCG (Updated 1_17_11
This was different. But fun. Some unfinished. More to come maybe. » SciFi Movies, TV Shows, and Lists for fanboys : Jeremy Conrad
5 Reasons Hearthstone is a Better Online CCG than Magic: The ...
Unlike Magic, Hearthstone was designed from the ground up as an online game based around concepts and art from the World of Warcraft TCG. That means (also unlike Magic) the game is streamlined to play quickly between ...

Sketchy Antics : Eric
Sketchy Antics » #51 ? WoW TCG
Ok seriouly not cool to sacrifice friends like that just to win, but good news is the team is tweaking their respective decks to keep you alive next time. Eric. February 22, 2014, 10:59 am | # | Reply. HAHAHA, well I'm glad keeping ...

Amateur Azerothian : JD Kenada
What I'm Learning From The WoW TCG | Amateur Azerothian
As I have mentioned, Flagsworth/Healblade finally found an exploit in the system to get me interested in the Warcraft Trading Card Game over Christmas. The details are what they are and despite the fact the game is ...

WoW Insider : (Elizabeth Harper)
Breakfast Topic: Will you miss the WoW TCG? - WoW Insider - Joystiq
It's official: the WoW TCG is dead. The latest expansion -- Timewalkers: Reign of Fire -- will be the game's last. But will WoW-players miss it? The game was certainly fun for WoW-players who were interested in card gaming, ...

WoW Insider : (Anne Stickney)
World of Warcraft Trading Card Game closes its doors - WoW Insider
The latest release in the WoW TCG -- Timewalkers: Reign of Fire -- is also its last, according to an announcement on the official site. For nearly seven years, the WoW TCG has been a staple among players in and out of the ... RSS : Daldain
WoW TCG Loot: News
After skipping a year, BlizzCon is back to whet the appetite of WoW fans, and this year's goody bag will contain the [Murkalot's Flail] card. Price tracking will commence just before BlizzCon 2013 begins. In the biggest WoW TCG news of this ...

The Art of Eric Braddock : Eric Braddock
WoW TCG: Timewalker Smasher | The Art of Eric Braddock
Dave KapahOctober 31, 2012 at 12:10 AM. congrats! Reply. Replies. Eric BraddockOctober 31, 2012 at 3:57 PM. Thanks, Dave! Reply. Eric BraddockOctober 31, 2012 at 1:01 AM. This comment has been removed by the ...

WoW Insider : (Sarah Pine)
Bonus loot coming to WoW TCG's Reign of Fire expansion
The third set in the WoW: TCG Timewalkers block, Reign of Fire, is due for release on Tuesday, July 23rd and even if you aren't a regular WoW:TCG buyer, you may want to reconsider this one. That's because according to this ...

Keno Contest : admin
World of Warcraft Trading Card Game ? How to Play the WoW TCG ...
You can play the WoW TCG, playing heroes of Azeroth starter kit that includes a rulebook, two amplifiers, 3 hero cards large and contains rare, and a 33-card pre-constructed deck of the nine classes. You will not know what ...

Team Rampage HQ : aventhunderer
Team Rampage HQ | the Living ? Dead Trading Card Game ? WoWtcg
Hi everyone I'm Jdj one of the voluinnteers of WoWTCG here in the Philippines. It has been months since Cryptozoic announced the end of production of wowtcg and many has been disappointed by how the game ended.

games information : lovewow
Tips To WoW TCG Pet Loot « games information
WoW TCG Loot cards are special versions of the normal card with a scratch off bar which contains a long hexadecimal code. These cards are entered on the Blizzard web site which transforms them to a similar code that is ...

WoW Insider : (Anne Stickney)
Know Your Lore: The fascinating implications of the WoW TCG
Let's look at the WoW TCG. It's got a ton of artwork featuring new and unique characters that all have their own unique flavor. The cards have some of the nicest artwork we've seen in relation to game material -- the artwork for ...

Tastes Like Battle Chicken : battlechicken
WoW TCG, Hearthstone, and Why They Aren't the Same | Tastes ...
When the WoW TCG first came out, I thought it sounded cool. I convinced my husband to buy us a couple of starter decks and we played around with it for a little while. Not long into it, though; other things came up and we just ...

WoW Insider : (Elizabeth Harper)
WoW TCG introduces Timewalkers: Reign of Fire and more loot cards
Mourning that you never got some of the great loot cards of earlier WoW TCG sets? Well, you're in luck, because the latest expansion to the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, Timewalkers: Reign of Fire, is all about time ...

Utopian Chaos - All Forums : unknown
WoWTCG game is ending -
Yeah this one was pretty much inevitable, sort of like Star Wars: Galaxies was doomed the moment The Old Republic was announced. No reason for Blizzard or CZE to continue their relationship on WoWTCG with both of them ...

The Concept of Progress : Ryan
World of Warcraft TCG: The End Comes | The Concept of Progress
After nearly 7 years, the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game is shutting down. The 21st Set, "Timewalkers: Reign of Fire" is the final set of cards for the game. I can't say I'm tremendously surprised, I don't think the WoW TCG ...

World of Warcraft® : Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft TCG Winter Veil Collector's Tins - World of Warcraft
Celebrate the spirit of the holiday season with the World of Warcraft TCG Feast of Winter Veil Collector's Tins! Each special tin comes with an assortment of goodies, including nine brand new rare cards that you can play in ...

WoW Insider : (Anne Stickney)
WoW TCG Betrayal of the Guardian exclusive preview: Aegwynn
Fans of the WoW TCG already know a little bit about the next set available, but we have an exclusive preview of one of the cards from the new set. Betrayal of the Guardian is the second set in the Timewalkers block, sending ...

WoW Insider : (Alex Ziebart)
WoW TCG's Timewalkers: War of the Ancients coming October 2
WoW TCG's War of the Ancients coming October 2 DNP Set 19 of the WoW TCG, releasing next month, will take players back to one of the momentous events in Warcraft history: the War of the Ancients. The set will feature ...

BlizzPro : Eldorian
New WOW TCG Expansion Reintroduces ALL Loot Cards - BlizzPro
Cryptozoic announced this week the release of their new WoW TCG expansion called ?Reign of Fire? and in this set they are re-introducing every single loot card ever made in the series. This would include the Spectral Tiger ...

Top Rated : johnsju
Swifty WowTCG Giveaway (Gameplay/commentary) - YouTube
Cryptozoic: Facebook: Swifty Facebook:

Perks N Peeves : Quintessence
Perks N Peeves: WoW TCG Coming to An End
Blizzard recently announced that Reign of Fire will be the last TCG expansion set. With all of the loot from previous sets included in this latest release, it seems fitting that it is the finale to the epic-ly long running WoW TCG.

WarcraftPets : unknown
World of Warcraft TCG Coming to An End -
UPDATE: Over the past week, prices for most TCG pets and other loots have actually dropped [source:]. So it looks like now really is a great time to buy! ...[read more]

WoW Insider : (Matthew Rossi)
WoW TCG Timewalkers: War of the Ancients previews have begun
It's all a matter of time - time, and those walking in it, that is. Welcome to the Timewalkers: War of the Ancients preview up on the official WoW TCG site. Even if you don't play the TCG, just as a lore nerd or art loved these cards ...

Cold's Gold Factory - World of Warcraft Auction House & Gold Tips : Scott Smith
WoW TCG Reign of Fire - Contains All Old Loot Cards! - Cold's Gold ...
Reign of Fire the new WoW TCG expansion contains all the previous loot cards ever printed. Pull a swift spectral tiger!

World of Warcraft® : Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft Art Updates - World of Warcraft -
Art Gallery update. We've updated our art gallery to feature ten new pieces. New Warcraft Fan Art The World of Warcraft Fan Art Section has been updated with one new piece of fan artwork.

WoW Insider : (Mathew McCurley)
New Eye of the Legion, Demon Hunter's Aspect are WoW TCG items
Thanks to @Proenix00 on Twitter, we now know that the new Eye of the Legion pet and cosmetic item Demon Hunter's Aspect are rewards from the WoW TCG. Datamined from the new patch 4.3.2 files, these new items have ...

WoW Insider : (Mathew McCurley)
Cryptozoic and the WoW TCG at Gen Con 2011 - WoW Insider
From Aug. 4 through Aug. 7, Cryptozoic Entertainment will be hosting the Darkmoon Faire Indianapolis at Gen Con Indianapolis 2011. Players can check out the newest WoW TCG sets, learn from the Cryptozoic pros, compete ...

WoW Insider : (Alex Ziebart)
12 Days of Winter Veil Giveaway: War of the Ancients WoW TCG ...
12 Days of Winter Veil is under way here at WoW Insider. That means 12 days of giveaways, 12 chances for you to win some of the awesome swag we've accumulated over the year. Whether you've been a good goblin or a ...

WoW Insider : (Alex Ziebart)
Baine Bloodhoof stomps his way into WoW TCG's War of the Ancients
As one of the featured races in the upcoming WoW TCG Timewalkers block, the tauren received the powerful Tribe keyword, which lets them activate each others' powers when they come into play. But they can't protect the ...

: carteblanchehobbies
Innovating in the WOW TCG Core Format | Brother Of Runes
Innovating in the WOW TCG Core Format. by Steve 'DDT' Giannopoulos. To begin, I will let you browse over the Top 16 Decklists of the event. What is the main observation you are making? Is it this ? Yeah, our man Edwin has ...

I Love dTCG : houshasen
The end of the beginning: World of Warcraft TCG is closing | I Love ...
I have never played it, but had always thought the game is in relatively good shape. No dTCG is at the level of Magic nor Yu Gi Oh but after those big two, I thought Vanguard, and the WoW TCG were the biggest. There were ...

WoW Insider : (Anne Stickney)
Cryptozoic and KONAMI team up for WoW TCG launch in Japan
KONAMI, long known for a lengthy list of video game titles as well as the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, has obtained exclusive rights from Cryptozoic Entertainment to distribute the World of Warcraft TCG in Japan.

BlizzPro's Hearthstone : Overlord Bunny
A Fond Farewell to the World of Warcraft TCG | BlizzPro's Hearthstone
The end of an era is upon Azeroth with Blizzard's breaking announcement that the physical World of Warcraft trading card game has come to a close. Timewalkers: Reign of Fire, the 21st set in the official trading card game's ...

WoW Insider : (Mathew McCurley)
Cryptozoic announces release date for WoW TCG Worldbreaker
As Azeroth trembles under Deathwing's might, so too does Worldbreaker, the newest content pack for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game from Cryptozoic. Featuring Cataclysm content like goblin and worgen heroes and ...

The Consortium WoW Gold Forums : yeahthatsme
WoW TCG Discontinued. - The Consortium
It was just announced via Cryptozoic and Blizzard that the WoW TCG is done as of the Reign of Fire expansion. Any thoughts on how this will affect tcg.

Utopian Chaos - All Forums : unknown
WoW TCG petition. Guys I need your HELP. Please guys I need some of YOUR help. This may not mean anything to You but for us it is a BIG DEAL. Help us restore WoW TCG. We love this game and don't want to ...

WoW Insider : (Mathew McCurley)
WoW TCG: Tomb of the Forgotten sneak peek - WoW Insider - Joystiq
With the introduction of monster races to the WoW Trading Card Game, all sorts of creepy creatures have been coming out of the woodwork to do battle. Murlocs have been well represented so far in the last two TCG ...

WoW Insider : (Olivia Grace)
Cryptozoic reveals World of Warcraft TCG Set 20: Betrayal of the ...
Cryptozoic reveals World of Warcraft TCG set 20. Return to the days of the first and second war, when Orcs first came to Azeroth with Betrayal of the Guardian, the second set in the epic Timewalkers Block! Medivh, the last ...

WoW Insider : (Michael Sacco)
Review: WoW TCG Assault on Icecrown Citadel Four-Player Game
At PAX East 2011, I interviewed the WoW TCG's lead designer, Ben Cichoski, and he reiterated the goal of the Icecrown game: accessibility. So I took him on his word. I grabbed Seven and Thespius of Raid Warning as well as ...

WoW Insider : (Mathew McCurley)
WoW TCG: Throne of the Tides monster preview - WoW Insider
Aftermath: Throne of the Tides is the first set in the Aftermath series, set after the Cataclysm and Deathwing's rage-fueled destruction across Azeroth. Matt Place, the head designer of WoW TCG and lead designer on Aftermath: ...

Wowhead - Latest Comments : unknown
Path of Illidan - Item - World of Warcraft - Wowhead
Loot cards are special rare versions of WoW TCG cards found in booster packs, starter decks, and raid decks that have a revealable unique code. Once this protective layer concealing the code is scratched away, a 25 digit promotion code is ...

WoW Insider : Elizabeth Harper
Playing the WoW TCG at BlizzCon - WoW Insider - Joystiq
I've never really had an opportunity to play Upper Deck's World of Warcraft-based TCG. Sure, I own some cards, I've skimmed the rulebook, and shuffled through them admiring the artwork. But my friends all play World of ...

ICv2 RSS Web Feed : unknown
ICv2 - Preview: 'WoW TCG: Timewalkers: War of the Ancients'
WoW TCG: Timewalkers: War of the Ancients Publisher: Cryptozoic Entertainment Release Date: October 2, 2012. MSRP: $3.99 per pack. Packs: 15 game cards per pack (36 packs per box) Set Size: 270 (88 Common, ...

naomiful : naomiful
naomiful: WOW TCG ~~
WOW TCG ~~. hehe lots of giggling from me when I got these cards in the mail.. also I am in ImagineFX April 2012 ~ by the way, San Francisco is amazing. So far it feels like elements of east coast and LA at times ;) I'm trying ...

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